Our Services


Jack's Pad services include walking, daycare and boarding.


Our walking services include extended morning walk, with limited car time spent in open spaces eg. Heath/Kenwood/Trent Park.

Jack's Pad walks consist of  long walks (weather dependent) with lots of playtime, exercise and socialisation. Then home for feeding and a well needed nap.


Our daycare services consist of the morning walk, home for feeding and a wash of those muddy paws!

Then some much needed downtime until the shorter afternoon/evening walk before being collected or returned home.

Recall Training:

A reliable recall is one of the most important commands to teach your dog, the other being "stay"

Effective training of these two commands are not only potentially life saving, but will also allow your dog to have more freedom and fun off lead. This will give you more confidence when faced with emergency situations.

When out walking with your dog, it is vital that you interact with your dog and be an interesting companion. Remember, there are loads of interesting distractions for your dog while on a walk, in the form of enticing smells, other dogs, squirrels and many other things.

You, have to compete with all of these if you want your dog to come to you, rather than find his fun elsewhere. This takes time, patience and good techniques!

Recall training should begin as soon as you get your puppy or new dog. This should start at home, where there are fewer distractions. If you can't  achieve a reliable recall indoors, then you'll have even more difficulty when faced with distractions outdoors.

Coming back to you needs to be regarded as incredibly fun and rewarding from your dogs point of view, so lots of smiling, relaxed body language, enthusiasm, interaction with a toy and food rewards will be needed.

Courtesy of Sallie Bollans

Jack's Pad recommends Sallie Bollans Dog Trainer.

For Puppy classes and dog training contact.

E: ictestaff@gmail.com

T: 0208 8861560

M: 07740 867 942



Jack's Pad Boarding enables your dog(s) to have a daily routine during their time spent away from home. This involves getting extensively exercised twice a day; which includes being socialised and stimulated during the entirety of this time. Once back at the house they are relaxed and taken care of in a calm home environment and as part of the family.

Puppy care

Puppies are very welcome for daycare if they can manage the morning walk. If not they will be picked up after for half daycare and can be taken for the shorter afternoon walk before being returned home.

At Jack's Pad, puppies are socialised and command training based on the commands they hear at home are adhered to. We welcome puppies that are house trained. 

Pet Taxi Service available

Jan runs a really professional and caring daycare and boarding business. Lulu, our dog was so happy to see her and Jack and we trusted she would be properly looked after. I was really sad that I could no longer use Jack’s Pad after relocating to Scotland. Highly recommended!
— Caroline & Lulu