Leaving your dog in the care of others is always a hard prospect to deal with. Especially when that dog is more than just a pet, it’s part of your family!

Whilst you’re working, away on holiday, or just need some time to yourself. Rest assured your dog will be socialised, exercised, stimulated and above all loved whilst in my care.

Jack's Pad offers long morning walks in Hampstead Heath or Trent Park which  provide a wonderful mixture of woodland and fields for your dog to stretch its legs and a variety of ponds to splash about in. 

I also offer shorter late afternoon walks in Queens Wood, Highgate Woods and other safe parkland.

Jack's Pad dog boarding and daycare offers a home from home experience in a loving environment.

Catering for all your dogs needs is extremely important and I will make sure they're relaxed and happy during their time in my care. 

Having owned dogs throughout my life I am well aware of how hard it can be to find someone you trust to look after the needs of your dog. 

Rest assured love and care is in abundance at Jack's Pad.